The Effect of the Adjustment Stress and the Social Support on the Depressive Symptoms of the North Korean Defectors

탈북자의 적응스트레스와 사회적 지지가 우울성향에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2005.02.28


Due to the increasing concerns with the North Korean defectors, the researches have been increased. When it is compared with other areas, the researches about the North Korean defectors are rare. The sample size of this study is 164, which makes it possible to do statistical inferences. As statistical methods, t-test, ANOVA and hierarchical multiple regressions are used. This study examines the effect of the adjustment stress and the social support on the depressive symptoms. Demographic factors such as gender, age and education are controlled. The context factors-the period of the stay in the third place, the period of residence and the existence of the education in Korea- are used as control variables. The research results show that the level of social participation of the women is higher than that of men. Also, there are differences of the functional social support by the age group. The research result indicates the education of South Korea is an important factor to reduce the depressive symptoms. The research result also shows that the jobless is an important stressor. Among structural social support, the member of religious or social group is an important factor for reducing depressive symptoms. Among functional social support, the emotional social support is an important factor of adaptation, but the effect of instrumental social support is the opposite. Therefore, the adequacy of social support in a specific situation must be considered.