On Restructuring of the Debates on Child Care Financing in Reflection of Changing Policy Surrounding in Korea: with Burchardt's Model

우리나라의 보육정책 환경 변화에 따른 재정지원방식 논쟁의 재구조화 - Burchardt의 모델을 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2005.02.28


This article attempts to restructurize the current arguments on how to change the method of financing child care programme, which is currently under discussion in Korea. There has been a series of changes in Korean child care policy, such as the amendment of Child Care Act, the transition of its responsible administrations, adoption the child care policy as a national agenda. In these changes, new needs for child care financing method comes out with a new direction of child care policy and a plan of expansion of finances. That's the transition from 'facility-centered subsidy' to 'child-centered subsidy'. This article redefine it as the arguments about 'supply-side subsidy' vs. 'demand-side subsidy'. To analyse the different traits of two branches of arguments, this article reviews the social welfare models, and has come to the conclusion that the Burchardt's model is appropriate to explain the financing debates. Thus, the analysis the traits of the two perspectives is based on three dimensions i. e. service provision, financing and decision making according to the Burchardt's model. This also examines how the two sides is connected to the discussion of publicity and quality improvement of child care service. Through this approaches and analysis, this helps us restructurize the debates on the method of financing from the present superficial arguments.


child care policy;social welfare;child care financing;Burchardt