The Responsibility of the State for Financing of the National Health Insurance

의료보험 재정에서의 국가 책임

  • Published : 2005.11.30


The finance of the National Health Insurance(NHI) in nearly every Nation in the world has been traditionally based on premiums of the workers and employers. But in Korea, the government has been guaranteeing financial supports to regional health corporations. After the unification of the different corporations in the NHIC, the government will not have to give financial support to the NHIC. Then this will be a serious financial challenge to NHIC, which has usually had financial deficit. The purpose of this paper is to review the problems of the premium based financing of the NHI and to exam whether such problems will be solved through the financial support from the state to the NHI. The analysis in this paper focused on five viewpoints; 1) work relatedness 2) redistribution effect 3) financial burden of business firms through the premium 4) risk pooling 5) management hegemony of the NHI. As a result, it was found that there are many problems in every five aspects and these problems could be solve through the financial aid from the state. But, it does not without any restriction mean to suggest that the financing mode of the korean NHI should be wholly transformed to a tax based financing mode. Because there are many things to be considered in oder to alter the financing mode of the NHI. Nevertheless, this paper would give a logical background to enlarge the financial aid form the state to NHI, or at least, to maintain it at a present level.


national health insurance(NHI);premium;responsibility of the state;financial aid from the state