Restructuring the Family Policy from the Gender-integrating Perspective: Reconciling Work and Family life

가족정책의 성 통합적 재구조화: 노동 주체의 관점에 근거한 일과 가족의 양립을 중심으로

  • Published : 2005.11.30


The purpose of the paper is to discuss the restructuring of the family policy from a gender-integrating perspective. Several meaningful conclusions were reached. First, examining family policy from the laborer's perspective, the issue of work and family becomes not a gender-related issue but rather an issue for universal people. Second, in order to include the difference in interest among men and women in the labor market, and to view the issue from a gender-integrating perspective, the framework for family policy should consider the place of labor. Third, if family policy is divided into family and labor arena based on the above mentioned framework, the core content of the policy should gear toward loosening and/or eliminating barriers to fulfill the right to work for pay and the right to care for family. Lastly, family policy should aim at men and women sharing the responsibility of supporting and caring for the family. By doing so, we may be closer to maintaining work and family together, the ultimate goal of family policy.


reconciling work and family life;gender;gender-integrating perspective;family policy