Factors Influencing the Economic Status of the Elderly in Korea

우리나라 노인 빈곤의 원인에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.11.30


This study investigates whether previous experiences in the labor market such as previous employment type and job type are related to the economic status and poverty in the elderly in Korea. Previous studies are limited in explaining the causes of poverty by using only the proxy variables such as age, marital status, and gender to classify the poverty status of the elderly after poverty has been identified. Therefore little is known about how the economic well-being after retirement is interrelated with previous job experiences in the labour market. The results indicate that the last job type and type of employment are significant predictors for the economic status of elderly. Job type in the labour market is critical for the lifetime economic status of an individual. These findings imply that we might need to reconsider the current public pension system which directly relates the benefit level to the amount of contribution. A system introducing a basic pension or a minimum pension benefit based on the citizenship or residence might be an alternative worth to consider.