The Search for New Model of Delivery System for Family Welfare Service

가족복지서비스 전달체계 수립을 위한 방향과 원칙에 관한 탐색적 연구

  • Published : 2005.11.30


This study examines the changing paradigm of family welfare policy and tries to find an appropriate model for the delivery system of family welfare service. First, the study reviews the contexts of family policy in new paradigm, and traces the changing process of family welfare-related administration from the ministry of human and health to the ministry of family and gender equality. Second, the study examines the principles of the delivery system for family welfare service to pursue the advancement of family policy. In conclusion, it proposes an alternative model for the successful settlement into community of family welfare delivery system, and a desirable position and role of family support center. The principles of the delivery system of family welfare service is fundamentally to make family policy come realistic, such as strengthening family stability through the harmonic reconciliation of work and family, preventing any forms of families from social safety net, and securing happy lives. Comprehensiveness, continuity, effectiveness, and accessibility of the system are also needed. In particular, family support center, recently very controversial, could be better as a representative council of networking various kinds of community organizations in the fields of family welfare enhancement, rather than organization of direct service provision, such as family counselling, education and therapy. Finally, an alternative model of delivery system for family welfare service is presented.


family welfare policy;family welfare service;delivery system;service network;family support center