A study on the Effects of Employees' Socio-emotional Problems on Stress, Depression, and Self-esteem

근로자의 사회정서적 문제가 스트레스와 우울 및 자아존중감에 미치는 영향 연구

  • Published : 2005.11.30


Today's employees are facing various socio-emotional problems due to the lack of appropriate supports and intervention in the workplace. These problems, however, cause considerable stress and inflict fatal damage on the quality of the employees' lives. Thus, this study analyzed the negative effects of the employees' socio-emotional problems on their stress, depression, and a sense of self-esteem. As a result, the study has identified that the problems occurred widely in the work life area such as job-related problem, predicament of retirement, workplace violence, family life area such as family relationship, child education, crisis problem, and lastly culture and health related area. This study also found that the socio-emotional problems in the three areas were the main stressors after all and they once again negatively affected depression and a sense of self-esteem. However, the role of social support, which is known to have the buffering effect on depression and a sense of self-esteem, was not sufficiently proved. This strongly implies that traditional social supports necessarily have limitations to overcome employees' socio-emotional problems in hand and thus systematic intervention toward the troubled workers in the organizational level must be required.