Study on the Antitumor Activity of Tripterygium Regelii Sprague

미역줄나무의 항암활성에 관한 연구

  • Park, Wan-Su (Department of Oriental medicine, The Armed Forces Byukje Hospital)
  • Published : 2005.04.25


Tripterygium regelii has been used as an oriental medicine, especially antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents in East asia. During our research to develop new antitumor agents from natural products, MeOH ext. and CH2Cl2 ext. of Tripterygium regelii showed the potent antitumor activity. In order to purify active compounds from Tripterygium regelii, activity-guided fractionation was carried out. Silica gel and RP-18 column chromatography for the active fraction led to the isolation of two compounds and their antitumor activities were studied. Those two compounds didn't show potent antitumor activity against human tumor cell lines. The structure of two compounds were determined by $^1H-NMR$, $^{13}C-NMR$, DEPT, $^1H-^{13}C$ COSY and IR spectrum. Compound I and Compound II were turned out to be Celastrol, and ${\beta}-sitosteryl-3-o-{\beta}-D-glucopyranoside$ respectively.


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