Bionomical characteristic of Protaetia brevitarsis

흰점박이꽃무지의 생육특성

  • Kim Ha-Gon (Graduate School of Jeonju University) ;
  • Kang Kyung-Hong (College of Medicine, Biology and Environmental Studies, Jeonju University)
  • 김하곤 (전주대학교 대학원) ;
  • 강경홍 (전주대학교 의생명환경대학)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


This study was performed to investigate the bionomical characteristics of Protaetia brevitarsis in Korea. The imaginal stage was from in early July and the advent of imagoes was the most frequent in early August. Also few imagoes was entered into the hibernation. The larvae inhibited in humus and the period of larva was all completed in late November. At the stage of the third larva, the larvae entered into the hibernation. The average number of laid eggs was 152, and all periods of each stage - eggs, first, second, third instar larvae and pupa - were shortened in $30^{\circ}C$ than in $25^{\circ}C$. As for the longevity of imagoes, female, reared in individual and in low temperature lived longer than male, in group and in high temperature, respectively.


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