Survey on the Satisfaction Degree for School Lunch Program of Elementary School Students in Yongin

용인시 초등학교 학생들의 학교급식 만족도 조사

  • Published : 2005.06.01


The purpose of this study is to provide basic informations for satisfaction degree for school lunch program of elementary school students in Yongin city. The questionnaire for the 646 subjects of the investigation included degree of satisfaction in school lunch program, sufficiency of the amount of foods provided, time of supplied milk intake, the greatest effects on food habits after receiving school lunch program, and primary factors of effects on food preferences and food habits. More than $70\%$ of the subjects were satisfied about the school lunch program(p<0.05). Female subjects felt more sufficient about the foods provided. Categories for the sufficiency of the food amount had higher ratios in lower grade subjects indicating some necessities of adjustments for the amount of food between the higher and lower grade subjects(p.0.05). About $68\%$ of the subjects drank milk after the 1 st class. The greatest effect of school lunch program was to provide subjects various new foods, well-balanced diets and finishing the supplied foods up. The school lunch had good effects on the food preferences of the elementary school students indicating the importance of the program.


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