Effect of Aromatic Acid Amplifier, 2-hydroxy-2'-tosyloxy Biphenyl, on the kind of Resist Resins

방향족 산증식제 2-hydroxy-2'-tosyloxy Biphenyl의 레지스트 레진의 종류에 따른 효과에 관한 연구

  • 강지은 (부경대학교 화상정보공학) ;
  • 정용석 (부경대학교 화상정보공학) ;
  • 정연태 (부경대학교 화상정보공학)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


We compared the effects of a representative aromatic acid amplifier, 2-hydroxy-2'-tosylory biphenyl, doped in poly(tort-butyl methacrylate) (PTBMA), poly (tetrahydropyranylmethacrylate) (pTHPMh) or poly[tert-butoxycarbonyloxystyrene) (pTBOCST) resin film as acid labile polymer in view of thermal stability and photosensitivity enhancement. The acid amplifier was stable up to 60 min in pTBMA and pTBOCST film and up to 10 min in pTHPMA film at $120^{\circ}C$. pTBMA and pTHPMA film doped with the acid amplifier showed 9 times and 3 times higher photosensitivity, respectively. But pTBOCST film showed a negligible photosensitivity enhancement. Photosensitivity enhancement and thermal stability of the acid amplifier were found to be affected by the resin.


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