A Study on the Lightning Surge Protection Methods on Transmission System and Substation

송전계통 및 변전소 뇌서지 보호방안 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.01


The lightning causes the damage of power system equipments as well as large power failure. Therefore, the insulation design should be established not only to decrease the damage of the facilities itself but also to increase the reliability of electric power system. This paper describes the useful way applying underbuilt ground wire and guy wire in transmission tower that safely protect the substation equipments. One or more shield wires under the phase conductor will not intercept lightning stroke, but they may improve reduce lightning voltages almost as effectively as if they were above the phase conductors. And the guy wires will mitigate the tower surge response. These would not only reduce backflashover possibility but also minimize crest and duration of surges entering the substation. EMTP is used to analyze the efficiency of the proposed methods.


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