Evaluation Technique of Linearity of Ratio Error and Phase Angle Error of Voltage Transformer Comparison Measurement System Using Capacitor Burden

전기용량 부담을 이용한 전압변성기 비교 측정 시스템의 비오차 및 위상각 오차의 직선성 평가기술

  • Published : 2005.06.01


Voltage transformer(VT) comparison measurement system is usually used for measurements of ratio error and phase angle error of VT made in industry. Both ratio error and phase angle error in VT are critically influenced by values of burden of VT used. External burden effects on both ratio error and phase angle error in VT are theoretically calculated. From the theoretical calculation, a method of evaluation for linearity of ratio error and phase angle error in VT measurement system have been developed using the standard capacitive burdens, with negligible dissipation factor less than 10$^{-4}$. These burden consists of five standard capacitors, with nominal capacitance of 1.1 $\mu$F, 1 $\mu$F, 0.1 $\mu$F, 0.01 $\mu$F, 0.001 $\mu$F. The developed method has been applied in VT measurement system of industry, showing in good consistency and linearity within 0.001 $\%$ between theoretical and measured values.


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