• 조주웅 (원광대전자재료공학과석사과정) ;
  • 이종찬 (금호전기㈜) ;
  • 최용성 (원광대전기전자및정보공학) ;
  • 김용갑 (원광대전기전자및정보공학) ;
  • 박대희 (원광대전기전자및정보공학부)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


Recently, the RF inductive discharge or inductively coupled plasma continues to attract growing attention as an effective plasma source in many industrial applications, the best known of which are plasma processing and lighting technology. To the point of lighting sources, the ring-shaped electrodeless fluorescent lamps utilizing an inductively coupled plasma have been objects of interest and research during the last decades, mainly because of their potential for extremely long life, high lamp efficacies, rapid power switching response. In this paper, maxwell 3D finite element analysis program (Ansoft) was used to obtain electromagnetic properties associated with the coil and nearby structures. The electromagnetic emitting properties were presented by 3D simulation software operated at 250 kHz and some specific conditions. The electromagnetic field in the ferrite core was shown to be high and symmetric. An LS-100 luminance meter and a Darsa-2000 spectrum analyzer were used in the experiment. According to data on the lamp tested using high magnetic field ferrite, the optical and thermal wave fields were shown to be high around the ring-shaped electrodeless fluorescent lamp. The optical or light field was high at the center of the bulb rather than around the ferrite core. The light conditions of the bulb were assumed to be complex, depending on the condition of the filler gas, the volume of the bulb, and the frequency of the inverter. Our results have shown coupling between the gas plasma and the field of the light emitted to be nonlinear.


Ring-Shaped Electrodeless Fluorescent Lamp;Maxwell 3D Finite Elemen; Ferrite Coil


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