Correlation Study on Tire Belt Adhesion Properties and Durability Performance

타이어의 벨트 부착력과 내구성능 간의 상관성 연구

  • 홍승준 (삼성교통안전문화연구소) ;
  • 이호근 (대덕대학 자동차계열)
  • Published : 2005.06.01


A pneumatic tire is made up of many flexible filaments of high modulus cord of natural textile, synthetic polymer, glass fiber, or fine hard drawn steel embedded in and bonded to a matrix of low modulus polymetric material. Adhesion property of these materials is very important in tire durability safety because belt-leaving-belt tread separation reduces the ability of a driver to control a vehicle, whether or not the separation is accompanied by a loss of air. In this study adhesion test of carcass-belt-tread is conducted on material properties of 5 PCR tire model, which are on sale in domestic market and analyzed adhesion properties. For those tire models FMVSS 109 indoor high speed durability test is conducted to analyze the correlation between adhesion force and high speed performance of tires and found the correlation between the two test results.


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