Analysis of visitor's satisfaction on camp site in national park -Focused on Sorakdong district in Mount Sorak National Park­

국립공원내 야영장의 이용 만족도 분석 -설악산 국립공원 설악동 지구를 중심으로-

  • Jo Tae-Dong (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangnung National University) ;
  • Kim Mi-Jin (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangnung National University) ;
  • Sin Byoung-Cheol (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangnung National University)
  • Published : 2005.05.01


The survey of user's satisfactory degree of location, plantings, facilities, operation, and management factors on national parks' camp sites was carried out. Many problems were analyzed and identified. This survey was for proposing the correct way to plan and draft for camping site after this. In addition to, the realization of environmental education through nature friendly recreation was aimed at. According to the result of the survey, the followings were suggested as necessities to improve the camp site. 1. Repair and replacement of insufficiently managed facilities should be aimed at. 2. Facilities for a handicapped person should be preferentially introduced. 3. Active management and publicity in low-demand season that practiced by developed countries should be carried out. Seasonal program for various age groups should be operated. 4. Surrounding tourist site, camp site, and trail should be organically connected by shuttle bus and other transports. A survey was carried out for the user satisfaction in the campsites of national parks. Based on this survey concerned with the location, planting, facilities, operation and management, the problems were identified and analysed to improve future design and plan of the campsites. This study aims for the realization of environmental education through nature friendly recreation. The following points are suggested as needed according to the survey result. 1. damaged facilities should be repaired or replaced. 2. introduction of the facilities for disabled should be prioritized. 3. consistent and active management and publicity work should be operated in the off-peak season. and the seasonal activity programs for the various age groups should be provided. 4. the site should be well connected with other surrounding campsites and tourist sites using the shuttle bus and other transport method.


Camp site;User;Satisfaction


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