Measurement of ECF for $CaSO_4:Dy$ Thermoluminescent Dosimeters

$CaSO_4:Dy$ 열형광선량계의 소자보정인자(ECF) 산출

  • Published : 2005.12.30


Dosimeters are manufactured from same process in the manufacturer but the deviation of TL raw counts exists among the dosimeters. TL raw counts are also gradually degrade due to multiple readings and physical abuse. ECF (Element Correction Factor) correct the degradation and deviation of TL raw counts to the average TL raw counts of reference dosimeters. Procedures for producing ECF of thermoluminescent dosimeters were described In detail. ECFs of 319 reference, control and field dosimeters were measured three times and average of three ECF values was calculated. Also, % CV(Coefficient of Variation) of three ECF values was calculated to verify ECF. ECF & % CV distributions for the field and control dosimeters are presented. TL raw counts of field dosimeters, being used about 6 times for the past 3 years, were almost unchanged, but those of control dosimeters being used more frequently, were degraded about 4.7 %.


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