Application of the HELIOS-MASTER Code System on the Criticality Analysis for the SMART-P Spent Fuel Storage

SMART연구로 사용후 연료 저장조의 임계해석에 HELIOS-MASTER계산체계의 적용

  • Published : 2005.06.30


The criticality analysis method using HELIOS-MASTER code system, which is the nuclear core analysis code system, was developed for the spent fuel storage of SMART-P reactor. We generated the macroscopic cross section of the geometric model with HELIOS and estimated the criticality of the 3-dimensional model with MASTER for SMART-P spent fuel storage. The validity of criticality analysis method for SMART-P spent fuel storage with the HELIOS-MASTER code system by 3-D MCNP calculation was also verified. The result of the criticality analysis with the HELIOS-MASTER code system is more conservative than that with the MCNP and the accuracy of this result is within the range of an allowable error. Because HELIOS-MASTER can perform the 3-D depletion calculation lot a spent fuel storage, it will be useful to perform the criticality analysis including a burnup credit in future.


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