Development of Shielding Analysis System for the Reactor Vessel by $R-{\theta}$ Coordinate Geometry

$R-{\theta}$ 좌표계에 의한 원자로 압력용기 차폐해석체계 개발

  • Published : 2005.03.30


A new developing reactor isn't fixed the structure and the materials of reactor components. To perform the shielding analysis for a reactor vessel by $R-\theta$ geometry, it takes much effort and time to modeling of source term according to the change of reactor components every time. Therefore, we developed the shielding analysis system for the reactor vessel by $R-{\theta}$ geometry, which wasn't affected by the reactor core geometry. By using the developed shielding analysis system, we performed the shielding analysis for the reactor vessel of an integral reactor which has the hexagonal geometry of nuclear fuel assemblies in reactor core. We compared the results obtained from the developed system with those obtained from MCNP analysis. Because the results of developed shielding analysis system were more conservative than those of MCNP calculation, it is useful for shielding analysis. As we had developed the new shielding analysis system for a reactor vessel by $R-{\theta}$ geometry, we reduced error of model for reactor core which was formerly designed by hand and saved the time and the effort to design source term model of reactor core.


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