Development of the Processing System for Pre-washed Rice

  • Choi H. S. (National Institute of Agricultural Engineering) ;
  • Cho K. H. (National Institute of Agricultural Engineering) ;
  • Park H. M. (National Institute of Agricultural Engineering) ;
  • Kim Y. H. (National Institute of Agricultural Engineering) ;
  • Keum D. H. (Department of Bio-Mechatronic Engineering, Faculty of Life Science and Technology, Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


Demand for development of processing systems for pre-washed rice and propagation of the systems has recently been on the rise, because rice-cooking requires watering 15 times the rice quantity to cook, as in case of the regular rice currently being circulated in Korean market, in addition to paying the trouble of washing it for cooking, and besides the milky turbid water coming from the rice-washing contributes to water contamination. In this study, therefore, a processing system for pre-washed rice was designed and built with rice surface polishing devices that adopted abrading and airing methods, an electrostatic method and a method using a fine watering, to conduct its performance test. The result showed that turbidity of the wash water, which is the base to determine the pre-washed rice standard, turned out 47.33 ppm and 48.00 ppm respectively for 800 kg/hr and 1,000 kg/hr supplies, which meets the standard for the processing system free from rice-washing for cooking. The quantity of watering at this experiment was only 0.43 times the rice, thus resulting in curtailment of process-watering by approximately $69\%$ compared with the existing wet-type pre-washed rice processing system popular in Korean market.