A Study on Interdisciplinary Understanding of Modern Science Culture - Focusing on Case Study of 'STS Course'

현대 과학문화의 간학문적 이해에 대한 연구 - '과학기술과 사회' 교양강좌 사례분석을 중심으로

  • Published : 2004.12.01


In these days, science is too complex and comprehensive scientific practices to be reduced to scientific knowledge. Also it's actors go beyond the limit of scientist society to the broad range of supporting system scientific journalism, education, and business. Science is very important cultural practice of our times. This Study focus on the effect of interdisciplinary approach in understanding modern science culture. First, this paper suggest the approach of public understanding of science(PUS) as a framework PUS has provided new perspectives for the relation of scientific knowledge and understanding. Traditional approach(so-called 'deficit model') regarded understanding as mere transportation of scientific knowledge. So it may be called 'knowledge-oriented approach' to understanding. But PUS consider understanding process of 'dynamic reconstructing' which is occurred in complex socio-cultural context. Second, this article analysis the Korea University STS course(2002-2003) 'Science Technology & Society' as the case study. The case study examine how interdisciplinary approach help students to understand 'sciene in the making'.