The effect of KMS-Task Fit on Organizational Performance: Perspective on Knowledge Circulation Process

지식순환의 관점에서 살펴본 KMS-업무적합이 조직성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2004.10.01
  • Accepted : 2004.11.10
  • Published : 2004.12.01


Organizations continue to invest heavily in the acquisition of knowledge management systems (KMS). The overriding belief is that KMS-task fit will become more productive. A survey of users was conducted to better understand the factors that affect KMS-task fit to better explain KMS performance perspective on knowledge circulation process. This involves stating the research hypotheses among the following constructs: the characteristics of KMS, the fitness of task characteristics, and KMS performance. The findings indicate that the characteristics of KMS positively affect the fitness of task characteristics. The fitness of task characteristics are affecting KMS performance. The results of this study suggest that task-technology fit could be the basis for a strong diagnostic tool to evaluate whether KMS in a given organization are meeting user needs.