Hydraulic Level Control System of Combine Body

콤바인 차체의 유압 수평제어 장치에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.10.01


In harvesting rice and barley using combine, the inclination of the body caused by the irregular surface condition of the field and the soil sinking from the unbalanced weight during the grain collection used to make harvesting operation difficult and even impossible. To overcome such a problem hydraulic system far automatic and manual leveling control of a combine has been developed. The system was composed of the combine body and the hydraulic level control system mounted on it. The maximum height of ground clearance was set up to be 290mm. And the limit angle of the leveling control was set up to be $\pm7^{\circ}$. The proposed controller and hydraulic system was implemented to the prototype combine. The prototype combine was designed and built as a separable structure with the body and the track of it. This paper shows results of a specification and design testing with the hydraulic level control system far body of combine.


Soil sinking;Leveling;Combine;Ground clearance;Hydraulic level control


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