Study on development of data base system and pattern analysis of tunnel portal slope in Korea

국내 터널 갱구사면 데이터베이스관리 시스템 개발 및 상태평가 기법에 관한 연구

  • 백용 (한국건설기술연구원 지반연구부) ;
  • 권오일 (한국건설기술연구원 지반연구부) ;
  • 구호본 (한국건설기술연구원 지반연구부) ;
  • 배규진 (한국건설기술연구원 지반연구부) ;
  • 이승호 (상지대학교 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


The number of tunnels are in fact increasing as a part of linear improvement project of general national highway and road enlargement and pavement project. Recently, collapses of portal slope are also occurring considerably, due to local raining from severe rain storm and abnormal weather. Accordingly, it was risen a necessity to efficiently respond to tunnel portal slope damage and maintenance in Korea and oversea nations. This paper is a basic proposal to execute a survey on the current status and state of the tunnel portal slopes that were already installed and are now being operated along general national highways, and also to execute state evaluation for the purpose of managing those effectively. As a research method, domestic tunnels were analyzed in accordance with geometrical shape such as access type, portal form, and tunnel type, etc. via field survey to analyze the types of tunnel portal slopes along national highways. State evaluation classification sheet is presented to divide classes for the danger state of the surveyed portal slopes, and then the related grades are divided. It is mainly aimed at classifying the tunnel portal slope along national highways with using this state evaluation, to use it as basic data so that continuous maintenance can be executed in the future in accordance with danger classes.


Grant : 시간열화 특성을 고려한 터널 갱구사면 안정성 기법 및 상시계측시스템 개발

Supported by : 건설교통부