Problems and Solutions for the Private-funded Railroad Station Project Management

철도 민자역사 사업수행체계 개선방안

  • Published : 2004.04.01


Recently, there are growing concerns on the introduction of private financing in railroad station construction project. But private-funded station project does not have the efficient delivery system. This study is focused on the recommended solutions about the private-funded station project management. Through the literature survey and interview, it is investigated and analyzed that project management has the problems. The problems are classified as 2 areas: law & regulations and job practice. The problems in law & regulations are a lowing on the profitability, and an unreasonable project team selection process. Job practice has problems such as delaying in authorization process, and inferior feasibility analysis. The study suggests several recommended solutions related to the problem areas. That are as follows: the efficient return of investment system, the project financing system, the professional project management, the benchmarking team operation, and the cut down on discussion period


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