Towards an Ideology of Agricultural Extension as a Philosophy of Lifelong Education

농촌지도 이념으로서의 평생교육론 고찰

  • Published : 2004.06.30


The objective of this study was to find a linkage of ideological background between agricultural extension education and lifelong education. This study was conducted by analyzing the studies related to agricultural extension and lifelong education. Review of literature and documents was main methods of this study. The study reviewed and analyzed the concepts, characteristics and ideology of lifelong education, and presented some general characteristics of lifelong education in the context of educational ideology. As a result of the study, the following five characteristics of lifelong education in the context of educational ideology were presented; 1) lifelong education is the supreme concept of education and includes all kinds of education, 2) lifelong education is the future direction of educational ideology and philosophy rather than a kind of educational practice, 3) lifelong education means the security for a right of learning through the entire life-span of an individual, 4) lifelong education has the innovative function of the existing situation of education; viewpoint, contents, and methodology of learning, 5) Lifelong education runs ultimately towards a 'learning society'. Agricultural extension and lifelong education shared the similar ideological background in general, and have the similar basic philosophy. The ideology and philosophy of lifelong education should be reflected into the ideology of agricultural extension to broaden the perspectives of agricultural extension in the future.