A Study on the Performance of Active Anti-Rolling Tank Stabilizer System

능동형 횡동요 감쇠장치의 성능에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.05.01


This experimental paper deals with the performance of tanks that are turned the active A.R.T(Anti-Rolling Tank) when the fluid transfers from wing tank to the opposite tank by the power developed by the automatic control system (INTERING Stabilizer), which was installed in the fishery training ship T/S. A - RA (G/T:990 tons) of Cheju National University. In this paper, the author has tested the performance of INTERING Stabilizer for the signals obtained by the inclinometer in irregular waves and compared with the results obtained in passive mode operation at stop and at various ship speeds. The performances of the system were confirmed the results as follows through the tests: 1. The average amplitude and significant roll (${\pi}$1/3) of the passive and active mode operations in the condition of stoped engine and underway were obtained 8.30$^{\circ}$, 4.37$^{\circ}$, 8.30$^{\circ}$, 4.37$^{\circ}$, and 5.01$^{\circ}$, 4.36$^{\circ}$, 5.50$^{\circ}$, 5.10$^{\circ}$, respectively. 2. The rates of performance of active mode operations were carried out during a sea trial in the condition of stop engine and underway resulted in 47.5%, 12.7%, respectively, therefore the active mode operation estimated to be improved more than passive mode operation. 3. Active - A.R.T by INTERING Stabilizer didn't affect the amplitude of pitching.


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