Verification of Practicality for the SSBL and Pinger Synchronizing Biotelemetry Method and System through the Tracking of Fish

어류의 행동추적에 의한 SSBL · 핑거동기 바이오텔레메터리 방식과 시스템의 실용성 검증

  • Published : 2004.02.01


The new biotelemetry method and system that the installation and the treatment of equipment is convenient and the instantaneously detailed position of the fish attached a pinger is able to track comparatively easily had been developed, an practicality of it were verified in the water tank and the small sea port through the tracking of fish. The biotelemetry method had been gotten the three dimensional locations of fish to the receiving transducer by combining of the super short base line (SSBL) method to detect the direction of pinger and the pinger synchronizing method to measure the range from receiving transducer to pinger. The receiving system had been designed to realize the high precision or wide detection range by application of the basic design method for receiving system of biotelemetry and the hydrophone array configuration. From tracking test of carp in the water tank, the migration course and the velocity of carp was investigated and the observed migration course was compared with measurement. The measured migration course of carp coincided with the observation in the main and the position of carp was able to track three dimensionally. The velocity of carp measured by the moving average method was 11.2cm/s. From tracking test of yellowtail in the small sea port, the migration course and the velocity of yellowtail was investigated at natural condition. The position of yellowtail was able to track three dimensionally and the velocity of it measured by moving average method was 43.9cm/s.


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