Signal Coverages of DGPS Beacon Stations in Korea

우리나라 DGPS 보정국의 위치보정신호의 이용범위

  • Published : 2004.02.01


For the purpose of comparison between the designed coverage and actual coverage of Korean DGPS (Differential Global Position System) beacon stations, we have received the ship‘s positions with states and IDs of their stations on the navigation route of Jeju-Tianjin by automatic selection mode of DGPS receiver and on them of Jeju-Inchun and Jeju-Vladibostok by manual mode. Also in case that some obstructions were on propagation routes from DGPS beacon stations to receiving positions, a restriction on available ranges of DGPS beacon signals was investigated. The results obtained are as follows : 1. The coverage of Korean DGPS beacon stations was designed 100NM (Nautical mails) at 40.0dB(over ${\mu}$V/m). But the actual coverages of them according to their stations and propagation routes were 0.3-3.6 times as wide as designed coverage. 2. In case that the propagation route of beacon signals from DGPS beacon stations was on the sea, the propagation distance of north direction from the stations was longer than south direction. 3. The coverages of Echongdo and Ulungdo stations were 366NM on the yellow sea and 342.3NM on the east sea of Korea respectively, and were widest than any other stations. 4. The coverage of Marado station on the south and yellow seas of Korea was very unstable because of the Halla mountain on the propagation route. Maximum receiving range to be measured by automatic selection mode of DGPS receiver was 145NM on the route of Jeju-Tianjin on June 22-July 1, 2002. Minimum receiving range to be not measured by manual selection mode was 28.7NM on the route of Jeju-Inchun on June 26-28, 2003


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