Transmittance Properties of Fishing Lamp in Stick-held Dip Net Fishing Vessel for Pacific Saury

꽁치봉수망 집어등 불빛의 수중 투과 특성

  • Published : 2004.02.01


The transmittance properties of fishing lamp in stick-held dip net fishing vessel for Pacific saury was investigated during nighttime operations in the North Pacific on May 19 and 24, 2003. The incandescent lamps of red color (750W${\times}$100) and halogen lamps (750W${\times}$521) were used as a fishing lamp for gathering Pacific saury. The relative irradiance of red incandescent lamp and halogen lamp in the air showed peak in 1,052nm of wave length. However, the irradiance of halogen lamp below 600nm of wave length was higher than that of incandescent lamp. The relationship between underwater illuminance (Y) and water depth (X) of sunlight in the observation areas A (37$^{\circ}$ 11'N, 178$^{\circ}$ 46'W) and B (31$^{\circ}$ 11'N, 178$^{\circ}$ 01'E) is represented as follows; $Y=2572.2{\cdot}e^{-0.0721X},\;R^2=0.9915$ $Y=3312.4{\cdot}e^{-0.0619X},\;R^2=0.9837$ The distribution of underwater illuminance of observation areas A and B showed low value of 0.31x and 0.61x in 50m depth, respectively. In the fishing grounds of Pacific saury, the light intensity of distribution depth was above 0.51x.


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