Composition of Marine Organisms Caught from Lost Plastic Pot and Possibility of Sustainable Ghost Fishing

유실된 플라스틱 붕장어 통발에 어획된 해양 생물의 종류와 지속적인 Ghost Fishing의 가능성

  • Published : 2004.02.01


The reason of the loss for the plastic sea-eel pots were estimated as crew's mistake, strong current, bad weather, rough seabed, artificial reef and other boats' fishing. Especially, pot loss happened on the fishing could make some additional catch, loss of the catches and ghost fishing because there are baits and alive fish in the lost pot. Quantity of the lost pots was estimated as 2~4 times of the ordinary usage. On the result of investigation to analyze the possibility of sustainable ghost fishing for the lost pot to feed the fishes at anytime because there were blenny, silver whiting, bar-tailed flathead and shrimp including sea-eel in the lost pot. In the bioeconomic point, ghost fishing is competitive with the general fishing. Accordingly, usage of biodegradable plastic material for the plastic sea-eel pot will be better to reduce ghost fishing


plastic sea-eel pot;lost and derelict pot;ghost fishing


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