Development of Multiple Fault Diagnosis Methods for Intelligence Maintenance System

지적보전시스템의 실시간 다중고장진단 기법 개발

  • Bae, Yong-Hwan (Department of Mechanical Education, Andong National University)
  • 배용환 (안동대학교 기계교육학과)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


Modern production systems are very complex by request of automation, and failure modes that occur in thisautomatic system are very various and complex. The efficient fault diagnosis for these complex systems is essential for productivity loss prevention and cost saving. Traditional fault diagnostic system which perforns sequential fault diagnosis can cause catastrophic failure during diagnosis when fault propagation is very fast. This paper describes the Real-time Intelligent Multiple Fault Diagnosis System (RIMFDS). RIMFDS assesses current machine condition by using sensor signals. This system deals with multiple fault diagnosis, comprising of two main parts. One is a personal computer for remote signal generation and transmission and the other is a host system for multiple fault diagnosis. The signal generator generates various faulty signals and image information and sends them to the host. The host has various modules and agents for efficient multiple fault diagnosis. A SUN workstation is used as a host for multiple fault modules and agents for efficient multiple fault diagnosis. A SUN workstation is used as a host for multiple fault diagnosis and graphic representation of the results. RIMFDS diagnoses multiple faults with fast fault propagation and complex physical phenomenon. The new system based on multiprocessing diagnoses by using Hierarchical Artificial Neural Network (HANN).


diagnosis methods;faule detection;monitoring system;hierarchical artificial neural network;multiple fault diagnosis;IPC(Inter Process Communication);agent system;blackboard system


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