Motion of Cylindrical Buoy and Its Mooring Line Tension by Installation Depth under the Action of Waves

부설 수심의 변화에 따른 파랑 중 원통형 부체의 운동 및 계류삭 장력 해석

  • Published : 2004.11.01


This paper presents a method analyzing the motion of cylindrical buoy moored at 2 points and tensions action on each mooring line under the action of periodic waves. It was found that submersible buoy was more effective than floating one in the severe conditions considering its dynamic motions, wave forces, and mooring line tensions. The wave induced its dynamic responses and mooring line tensions peak when the ratio d/${\lambda}$ of the buoy length d to the waves length ${\lambda}$ was 0.66 due to its natural frequency. The results of this study were in agreement with the existing measurement ones, however, further verifications are needed considering resonance of cylindrical buoy and its displacements to wave height by a series of model tests.


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