Effect of load on the wear and friction characteristics of a carbon fiber composites

탄소 섬유 복합재의 마찰 및 마모 특성에 미치는 하중 효과

  • Published : 2004.11.01


This is the study on dry sliding wear behavior of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composite at ambient temperature. The wear rates and friction coefficients against the stainless steel counterpart specularly processed were experimentally determined and the resulting wear mechanisms were microscopically observed. Three principal sliding directions relative to the dominant fiber orientation in the composite wear selected. When sliding took place against smooth and hard counterpart, the highest were resistance and the lowest friction coefficient were observed in the antiparallel direction. When the velocity between the composite and the counterpart went up, the wear rate increased. The fiber destruction and cracking caused fiber bending on the contact surface, which was discovered to be dominant wear mechanism.


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