Effect of sliding velocity on the wear and friction characteristics of a carbon fiber composites

탄소 섬유 복합재의 마찰 및 마모 특성에 미치는 속도 효과

  • Published : 2004.11.01


This paper presents an experimental study of friction and wear properties of a unidirectional oriented continuous crbon-fiber reinforced epoxy composite at the ambient temperature. Friction and wear experiments were conducted in the three principal sliding direction of the fiber orientation in the composite were selected against the stainless steel counterpart specularly processed were using a pin -on-disc apparatus. Friction coefficient and specific wear rate at various normal loads and sliding velocities wear determined. When sliding took place against smooth and hard counterpart, the hightest were resistance and the lowest friction coefficient were observed in the anti-parallel direction. The wear track of the worn specimens was examined with a scanning electron microscope(SEM) to observe the damaged fibers on the surface. In addition, SEM observations of the worn surfaces allowed to identify the involved different wear mechanisms.


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