A Study on the Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Hybrid Composites

하이브리드 복합재료의 층간파괴인성치에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.11.01


This paper describes the effect of loading rate, specimen geometries and material properties for ModeⅠ and Mode Ⅱ interlaminar fracture toughness of hybrid composite by using double cantilever beam (DCB) and end notched flexure (ENF) specimen. In the range of loading rate 0.2~20mm/min, there is found to be no significant effect of loading rate with the value of critical energy release rate (Gc).The value of Gc for variation of initial crack length are nearly similar values when material properties are CF/CF and GF/GF, however, the value of Gc are highest with the increasing intial crack length at CF/GF. The SEM photographs show good fiber distribution and interfacial bonding of hybrid composites when the moulding is the CF/GF.


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