Development of the Electronic compass for Automatic Correction do Deviation

自動自差修正이 가능한 電子컴퍼스의 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.11.01


The Electronic compass made as a pilot model in this research is comprised of a three axis magnetic sensor, an accustar clinometer, and a fiber optic gyro sensor. The results confirming the output character, performance, and the accuracy of the deviation corrects of each sensor are as follows: 1) As for the output character of the three axis magnetic sensor, the magnetic field showed a cosine curve on the X axis, a - sine curve on the Y axis, and constant figures on the Z sensor. The horizontal component H and the vertical component V of the terrestrial magnetism calculated from the output voltage were 33.2${\mu}$T and 23.95${\mu}$T respectively. 2) When the fiber optic gyro sensor is fixed on the electromotive rotation transformation and has made a clockwise rotation with the speed of 10/sec, 20/sec, and 30/sec, the relationship between the output and the rotation angle of the fiber optic gyro sensor showed proportionally constant values. 3) When the magnetic field was induced with a magnet, the deviation before the correction was significant at a high of 25. However, the deviation after the correction using Poisson correction was in the 2 range, significantly lower than before the correction. It was confirmed that automatic deviation corrects are possible with the electronic compass made as a pilot model in this research.


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