On the motion characteristics of small trawler in trawling job and sailing

소형 트롤 어선의 예망과 항해중의 동요특성

  • Published : 2004.11.01


It is very important for the safe navigation and fishing operation to ensure the hull response of a fishing vessel in rough seas. This is an experimental study on the dynamical characteristics of ship's motion during operating job and sailing in the real sea. The experiments were carried out on the small stern trawler in operating job and sailing, and then the ship's roll and pitch motion were simultaneously recorded by P/C according to the wave directions. From these data, the statistical properties and power spectra were obtained and the analysis of ship's motions in the both case were made. The results obtained are summarized follows : (1) The amplitudes of pitch motion don't appear a big different between trawl job and sailing, but at bow seas, its in sailing have a tendency to increase more than in trawl job. The amplitudes of roll motion appear a bog different between trawl job and sailing, but at beam sea, that slightly decreasing tendency. (2) The peak period of pitch motion in trawl job and sailing change, but that of roll motion don't change according to the direction of waves. (3) The warp tention cause the motion of hull to be reduce, if the tention of each side have a ballance.


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