The Opening Efficiency of half size modified net for the Anchovy Boat Seine

기선권현망 축소형 개량어구의 전개성능

  • Published : 2004.11.01


This study was conducted in order to improvement of fishing gear and fishing operating system for anchovy boat seine by bag net A-type and B-type was attached with half size modified nets. Field experiments were carried out observe geometry of nets by catcher boats. The obtained results are summarized as follows : The actual ratio of net opening in each part of the half size modified nets was increased from fore part to back part of the nets as shown the smallest value about 20% in wing net and the biggest value about 110% in bag net. In addition, vertical net opening of B-type net as measured as 10.9~11.8m in fore bag net and 5.8~8.0m in after bag net were 1~2m greater than 9.0~13.6m of A-type one, and 2~3m less than 9.3~10.4m of A-type one, respectively. Vertical net opening of half size modified net was shown as less variation of towing depth from wing net to inside wing net than those of traditional nets due to stable vertical performance. The mesh distortion or drift and variation of vertical net opening were decreased by improvement of bag nets in order to minimized shape of net pocket phenomenon whenever towing speed is slow. Bag net B-Type attached with dual flapper was shown as less variation in width of bag net and less escapement of anchovy.


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