A Study on the Structural Shape and Vibrational Characteristics of Aluminum Sandwich Panel

알루미늄 샌드위치 패널의 구조적 형상 및 진동 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.11.01


Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel (AHSP) not only have high flexural rigidity and strength per density but also excellence in anti-vibration and anti-noise properties. Their properties are very useful for build airplane and high speed crafts, which need lighter-weighted and more strengthed element. Recently, the AHSP is regarded as a promising strength member of light structures like the hull of high speed crafts. Generally, the core shape of aluminum sandwich panel (ASP) is the hexagonal shape of honeycomb. But, in this paper, authors proposed the ASP with pyramid core, as the ASP model of new type, and analysed the structural and vibrational characteristics for aluminum pyramid sandwich panel (APSP) as this new ASP type, according to the thickness variation of core and face, the height variation of core. The applied sandwich models have isotropic and symmetrical aluminum faces and pyramid cores. And, the applied boundary conditions are simple, fixed and free support.


Structural shape;Aluminum pyramid sandwich panel;Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel;Vibrational;Characteristics


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