The Supplier and Outsourcing Company Selection Agent System using the Virtual Manufacture

가상생산을 이용한 공급 및 외주업체 선정 에이전트 시스템

  • Published : 2004.12.01


Recently, SCM(Supply Chain Management) embraces the dynamic environmental changes of the participatory bodies in supply chain. Under this dynamic SCM environment, the selection of supplier and outsourcing company is very important. In their selection, the productivity and expertise of suppliers and outsourcing companies are, of course, to be considered as important factors, but whether or nottheycanmeettheduedateisacritical factor. In particular, this is true because an order-based manufacture ought to have CTP(Capable To Promise). For this purpose, by capitalizing onthevirtualmanufactureundertheSCM, this paper has tried to suggest a new agent system for the selection of supplier and outsourcing company. While performing virtual manufacture based on the integration scheduling, this system acquires the production environment and scheduling information of both suppliers and outsourcing companies on a real-timebasis,thusmakingintegrationschedulingpossible. Also, in order to provetheviabilityofthisstudy,thispaper has selected a specific domain and applied it.


SCM;Integrated Scheduling;Virtual Manufacture;Multi Agent System