Phase Analysis of Immiscible V-Cu MA Powders by Neutron and X-ray Diffraction

비고용 V-Cu계 MA합금의 중성자 및 X선 회절에 의한 상분석

  • Published : 2004.05.01


The mechanical alloying (MA) effect in immiscible V-Cu system with positive heat of mixing was studied by not only the neutron and X-ray diffraction but also the analysis of DSC spectra. The total energy, ΔHt accumulated during MA for the mixture of $V_{50}$ $Cu_{50}$ / powders increased with milling time and approached the saturation value of 14 kJ/mol after 120 h of milling. It can be seen that the free energy difference between the amorphous phase and the pure V and Cu powders with an atomic ratio 5:5 is estimated to be 11 kJ/mol by Miedema et al. This is thermodynamically taken as one of the evidences for the amorphization. The structural changes of V-Cu MA powders were characterized by the X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction. We take a full advantage of a negligibly small scattering length of the V atom in the neutron diffraction measurement. The neutron diffraction data definitely indicate that the amorphization proceeds gradually but incompletely even after 120 h of MA and bcc-Cu Bragg peaks appears after 60 h of MA.


mechanical alloying;neutron diffraction;X-ray diffraction;amorphization;immiscible V-Cu system


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