Long-term Prediction of Water Quality in Osaka Bay

  • Han, Dong-Jin (Hydro-soft Technology Institute Co., Ltd) ;
  • Yoon, Jong-Sung (Department of Civil Engineering, Inje University)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


As an effort to clarify the ecosystem of Osaka Bay, a semi-enclosed coastal area under the influence of stratification, a three-dimensional water quality model with combination of the baroclinic flow model and primitive eco-system model was constructed. The proposed model succeeded in simulating the time-depending flow and density structure and the baroclinic residual currents in Osaka Bay. In present study, we tried to improve the model by taking account of the benthic-pelagic interaction and exchange of nutrients between sea bottom sediments and overlaying water. On vertical structure, the model consists of 13 layers of water and eight layers of sediments. Long-term prediction of water quality was conducted from 1964 to 1985. This period is characterized by rapid water pollution and its decrease by the cutoff reduction of COD and P flowed into Osaka Bay. By combining the sediment model into original model, the numerical model was confirmed to shows more reasonable results in simulating the water quality in Osaka Bay.


Water quality model;Release of nutrients;Sediments


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