Shadow Texture Generation Using Temporal Coherence

시간일관성을 이용한 그림자 텍스처 생성방법

  • Published : 2004.11.01


Shadows increase the visual realism of computer-generated images and they are good hint for spatial relationships between objects. Previous methods to produce a shadow texture for an object are to render all objects between the object and light source. Consequently entire time for generating shadow textures between all objects is Ο(Ν$^2$), where Ν is the number of objects. We propose a novel shadow texture generation method with constant processing time for each object using shadow depth buffet. In addition, we also present method to achieve further speed-up using temporal coherence. If the transition between dynamic and static state is not frequent, depth values of static objects does not vary significantly. So we can reuse the depth value for static objects and render only dynamic objects.