An Effective Postprocessing Algorithm in Multimedia System

멀티미디어 시스템에서의 효율적인 후처리 알고리듬

  • 박경남 (나사렛대학교 정보과학부) ;
  • 김승진 (경북대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 유현배 (나사렛대학교 정보과학부) ;
  • 이건일 (산업표준심의회 전자부회 전문위원회)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


In this paper, we present effective quantization noise reduction algorithm using signal adaptive filter and linear combination between blocks in multimedia system. In the proposed method, all of the blocks are classified into low frequency blocks, high frequency blocks, and midrange blocks according to DCT coefficients. Ringing artifacts are shown in high frequency blocks. So ringing artifact reduction algorithm is performed in high frequency blocks using a signal adaptive filter. And the blocking artifact reduction is performed by replacing the pixel value of blocky blocks using linear combination between blocky block and remote unblocky block. The simulation results shows better performance in respective of the subjective and objective image quality than the conventional method.