Comparative Studies on Hotel Grading Systems of Korea and Foreign Countries

한국 및 외국의 호텔 등급제도에 관한 비교 연구

  • Published : 2004.05.01


Resort Hotel Rate System was first introduced as an official guideline after Tourism Promotion Act, which enables the secretary of transportation to rate resort hotel by its facility and accommodation, was enacted on January 18, 1971. And the system was modified time to time to what we currently have after numerous revisions. However, the system has made a slow progress compare to the other countries system and have shown many potential problems that need to be improved. There is a problem that it is not even clear whether the act is as effective to apply it to rate any resort hotel in reality. The hotel rate system was first introduced in 1970's and changed ever since, and it also changed the private organizations to audit the decision. However, unlike the hotels in other countries, our hotel rating system is not focus on the customer's service and informations. It focus on the hotel's quality so that cause the problem whether the hotel is for customer or not In other different countries, they have some specific standard for evaluation of customer service based on customers' reference or needs. However, there is no evaluation part concerning on customer service in Korea. Also, even the hotel rating system is not based on the hotel waitress or waiter's service part. It means the system is almost focus on the hotel's qualities. Therefore, customer who needs hotel service, can not trust whether they can choose the hotels which gives the right informations and good quality services. Although hotel's physical layout is important, the service part is also important for evaluating the hotel entirely. There are a lot of things to develop and to be changed in order to develop tourism industry in the process of decision about Hotel's level in Korea Thus, this research will summarize some problems which are revised through the former research of hotel's level. And it will compare the system of hotel's level between Korea and developed countries in hotel industry Additionally, I will show current tourism industry in Korea. Finally, I suggest the improvement proposal for the level system of hotel in Korea and process of this system in the future.