Repairing of a Defective Metallic Line using Laser CVD Deposited Tungsten Film in TFT LCD

레이저 CVD 텅스텐막 증착을 통한 TFT LCD 불량배선 수리

  • Published : 2004.10.01


The photodepositioned tungsten film by laser CVD has been carried out the taping test with scotch tape over 10 times. As a result, it exhibited strong adhesion to the under-film such as ITO and SiNx patterned on the LCD substrate. However, it was seriously attacked by alkaline solution used for removing polyimide. And a thickness of laser CVD tungsten film had a close relation to a speed of laser scanning. Also we have improved the success rate of a laser CVD repair with making two pairs of contact hole structure and decreasing laser scanning speed.


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