A Study on Electro-optical Characteristics of the Ion Beam Aligned FFS Cell on a Inorganic Thin Film

무기 박막을 이용한 이온빔 배향 FFS 셀의 전기광학특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.10.01


In this paper, we intend to make fringe-field switching (FFS) mode cell by the ion beam (IB) alignment method on the a-C:H thin film, to analyze electro-optical characteristics in this cell. We studied on the suitable inorganic thin film for fringe-field switching (FFS) cell and the aligning capabilities of nematic liquid crystal (NLC) using the alignment material of a-C:H thin film as working gas at 30 W rf bias condition. A high pretilt angle of about 5 $^{\circ}C$ by ion beam (IB) exposure on the a-C:H thin film surface was measured. Consequently, the high pretilt angle and the good thermal stability of LC alignment by the IB alignment method on the a-C:H thin film surface as working gas at 30 W rf bias condition can be achieved. An excellent voltage-transmittance (V -T) and response time curve of the IE-aligned FFS-LCD was observed with oblique IB exposure on the a-C:H thin films. Also, AC V-T hysteresis characteristics of the IB-aligned FFS-LCD with IE exposure on the a-C:H thin films is almost the same as that of the rubbing-aligned FFS cell on a polyimide (PI) surface.


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