A Study on the Analysis of the Types of Symbols in Apparel Brand

의류브랜드의 심볼유형분석

  • 나수임 (상명대학교 패션디자인학과) ;
  • 이민경 (수원여자대학 예술디자인학부 패션코디네이션)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


The purpose of this study was to analize the types of symbol concretely, one of a constituent elements of brand, using in Apparel Brands and to examine the meaning of symbol in the internet site of each brand and to evaluate the symbols in the aesthetic dimension and to suggest a basic data of the branding strategy for marketers. For this purpose, 41 Apparel Brands were selected from fashion magazine and the types of symbol used in the Apparel Brands were classified into three types. According to the formative characters of symbol, there were word symbol, descriptive symbol and abstractive symbol. The results of the study were following: the order was the descriptive symbol, word symbol, and abstractive symbol. The percentages of using symbols were descriptive symbol(61%), word symbol(29%), and abstractive symbol(l0%). The Apparel Brands used the most frequently the descriptive symbol that represents or symbolizes a concrete object to represent the image of brand. The abstractive symbol that use a graphic style or geometrical form to deliver the character of brand was used lowest. From this results, we could find that the descriptive symbol was used to deliver/notify the character or image of company's own brand easy and quickly to consumers in symbolic meaning making use of a concrete object such as a animal, plant, specific object or fictitious person, etc than word or abstractive symbol.