The Key Management System using the Secret Sharing Scheme Applicable to Smart Card

스마트 카드에 적용 가능한 비밀분산법을 이용한 키 관리 시스템

  • Published : 2004.10.01


When several service providers want to work together with only one master key, they need to properly distribute the key to participants who come in for the co-work business and then securely manage the distributed keys. This paper describes the system that can efficiently and securely manage the master key on the basis of the secret sharing scheme that can reconstruct original secret information as the necessity of reconstructing original secret arises. The proposed system can distribute secret information to several groups and also redistribute the secret to subgroup in proportion to the participant's security level using smart card-based (t, t)-(k, n)-threshold secret scheme for securely keeping secret information and authentication of participant's identification.


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